Editor recruited for SCUBA - BSAC's new magazine

Simon Rogerson The British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) and publishers TRMG are pleased to announce that the editor of their new magazine, SCUBA, is the award-winning diving journalist Simon Rogerson.

Formerly the editor of DIVE magazine, Rogerson has worked in the diving industry for 12 years and is a winner of the Professional Publishers' Association's editor of the year. Within a new structure he will work closely with BSAC to create SCUBA, a brand new diving magazine with a strong emphasis on British diving and the club system.

"BSAC and TRMG have outlined their vision for a new kind of diving publication to me and I am confident I can work with them to deliver that magazine," Rogerson said. "It will be a departure from what I have done in the past, but my challenge now is to create a club magazine that reports on BSAC and diving, directly addresses the members' interests and maintains high editorial standards."

When the first edition of SCUBA is launched in November it will instantly become the UK market leader, the biggest-selling diving title delivered directly to the country's most avid divers.

Rogerson is working closely with a team at BSAC to devise innovative content for SCUBA magazine. "We're looking at a lot of ideas generated through the working group and I want to channel them into a modern magazine with great design and content that will appeal to everyone. While it will cover many of the traditional areas associated with diving magazines - news, kit, travel - we will be focusing on a more BSAC member-oriented approach.

"We will introduce new columnists and writing talent from within the club, at the same time commissioning the best work from leading marine journalists and figures in the industry. There will be a greater emphasis on the practical side of diving, with detailed skills, safety analysis and how-to articles. Ultimately, I want to create a modern scuba magazine with a bold emphasis on BSAC and British diving."

Clare Peddie, BSAC Chair, said Simon was the ideal candidate for the SCUBA editor role.

"Simon is a BSAC diver and really understands our members' desire to receive a magazine which reports on BSAC activities and UK diving. Our magazine is key to communication between our members and SCUBA is being created to inform, engage and inspire - and to provide the magazine that all our members have told us they want. The first issue of SCUBA is really taking shape and, with Simon now at the helm, we are set to deliver a magazine we can all be proud of."

TRMG managing director Jon Fellows said he was delighted to welcome Simon on to the SCUBA team.

"To have secured Simon as the editor of SCUBA is fantastic. Finding the best editor is essential for any magazine and we have certainly done that. His knowledge of the sport and his editing ability are beyond question and he has completely bought into our vision of creating and delivering the very best magazine for all BSAC members. SCUBA boasts an excellent team of professionals and we are really looking forward to the reaction to the new magazine from BSAC members."

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Send your stories and letters to the new SCUBA editor - Simon Rogerson E. simon@scubamagazine.co.uk

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19th September 2011

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